Zeke Cernea and the unxpected


In 2013 Zeke teamed up with veteran musicians: John Hodge, Kevin Vandament, and Jeff VanKanegan to form "Zeke Cernea and The UnXpected". New instrumentation, plus the creative edge contributed by other members add a new dimension to the acoustic solo act of Zeke Cernea. Zeke Cernea and The UnXpected delivers an electric energized musical experience of progressive folk rock to its audience. Their Self-titled EP, Zeke Cernea and The UnXpected, was recorded at The Copper Mine in Quincy, Il and engineered by Alan J. Lawless. The project was released in the summer of 2013. All music and lyrics were written by Zeke Cernea. The band also landed an opening spot on country music star Tracy Lawrences summer tour stop in Quincy, Il.

Zeke Cernea- Acoustic guitar, vocals, keys

John Hodge- electric guitar, banjo

Kevin Vandament- drums

Jeff Vankanegan- Bass guitar